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Evens press teams and other groups are allowed to attend Operation Lizzard VII., either in-game or off-game. Are you interested in that way of participation ? Feel free to contact us in advance to reserve your place (please use the contact form here in this webpage).



outfit must comply to the type of your press mission (local villagers outfit for Alcudira agency, desert camouflage uniforms for military press teams and colour-flat outfit for the rest)

- recommended equipment – body armor and helmet



- all in-game even off-game press team members must report in PRESS centrum

- all in-game even off-game press team members must have press acreditation all the time


PRESS Centrum

PRESS centrum will be stationed in the city of Khas Konar. There you will find a spot for recharging your acus, equipment deposition and pictures backup. You will also find an access to the Internet there.


In-game PRESS team members :

- are common event participants

- can be shot or detained

- can interfere with every affair during whole event

- can provide gathered informations within other event participants

- can be prevented to enter some locations by other participants (e.g.guardhouse, base, village)


Off-game PRESS team members :

- are approved by AIRSOFTWARS org team only

- do not interfere with the game

- are not allowed to provide any informations to regular event participants

- are allowed to enter any in-game location, none can prevent them doing that