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Rebels and Taliban


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Insurgency is on rise and strong and dangerous again !!!

During winter, the Taleban fighters took their chance to reinforce and regroup. New supplies as well as fresh fighters arrived and joined. Now the spring is coming to Zabul and their efforts are aimed to show force and dedication fighting the ISAF off. Many of those fresh figthers slipped the army forces through and faded with locals. Their leaders are hidden within all Zabul´s villages organizing resistence and smuggling stuff and guns.

All the insurgents are to be stationed at Khas Konar and other two or three villages depending number of participants.

There are chemical toilletes, drink water, power generators and some tents with oriental-style carpets available in all villages. Also the water pipes are included.



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mandatory: civilian clothes of afghan / arab type

forbidden: camlouflaged clothes (both jackets and trousers)

allowed: single-coloured tactical vests and millitary equipment (NON camouflaged)



- construction of several hidden bases and keeping those operational



- keeping those bases hidden and well defended

- seeking and eliminating of wanted ISAF personnel

- anywhere, anytime and anyhow (within the rules of course) striting and hitting all the ISAF activities


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