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Last few years in the province of Zabul


In the first half of the year 2011 a huge insurgency eroded against the ISAF forces in the province of Zabul. Suffering heavy casualties the Allies were able to quell the resistance and to restore fragile peace and order. Unfortunately, the ISAF task force CO was killed in action during an ambush leaving strong morale impact at his troopers. Following coordinated attack by the Taleban also the ISAF base is relocated to a better location. The base is now located close to province capital, Khas Konar.

In June 2011 new ISAF commander soon arrived on scene issuing new plan how to help local villagers and how to drag them back from Taleban. New reconstruction projects were commenced and new civic buildings were built. Since Taleban and various rebel groups still threatened international forces and local villagers general situation in Zabul province got under control.

The situation remained under control for most of 2011.


LIZZARD Situation in 2012

Following the death of number of Zabul´s locals early in 2012 brought all the local population in one room, both the Taleban fighters and the villagers. Small attacks and violence incrase was imminent. Province wide rebellion reached the point where the ISAF base got besieged and despite all the heroic resistence soldiers carried out it did fall into the hands of resistence fighters at the end.

After this disastrous defeat and also general regional situation a new ISAF commanders were appointed. In the months following the Allied command planned and executed the operation Protector IX. Close to Zabul´s capital Khaso Konar new base of operations has been constructed as well as some new reconstruction projects are commenced and that all in a huge effort to turn the public opinion and support back. Operation achieved great success alough limited incidents were reported throughout the area including ambushes and assassination of Zabul´s governor and kidnaping the American senator. Small and isolated rebel attacks were repeled and the situation is still.

Unfortunately the region of Zabul is getting the insurgency on rise at the end of the year. Newly received subsidies coming frequently from rich Saudi families boost Taleban fighters strenght and capabillities and helping to take over vast parts of Zabul of the government forces hands.

Situation early in 2013 LIZZARD

New Operation Lizzard IV is planned by the command and new heavily armed and supported Task Force is formed up. This force consists of United States and various european NATO members. Based on cooperation two years ago and resulting mutual experiences even Russian armed forces are invited to take part in this insurgency operation.

During the Protector X. operation the Allies succeeded in elimination of the most wanted Taleban officer in Zabul - Hariik Al Fat - however accidentally. The ISAF and governmental forces offensive resulted in getting the support of local villagers at the end. It all boosted the efforts of peacekeeping forces in pursuing of any armed resistance both Taleban and crime gangs.

As the operation was coming to its succesfull end the very last remnants of the Taleban fighters hit hard on Zabul´s capital killing several of governor´s bodyguards and seriously wounding the governor itself.

Situation in May 2014

With the winter oncoming to Zabul decent number of international terrorists from Pakistan and Syria moved in. These skilled and well equiped warriors swiftly got inside the Taleban command and together with brothers in faith they launched bloody vengeance upon the western powers and government sympathisers. The ISAF high command reaction was inevitable.

n the meantime there is a new seat of resistence and threat in pakistani mountains north of the borders of Zabul. New weapons and equipment are in Talebs possesion and new combat methods are trained. Allied command is aware of that situation progress and they react.

DSC 0086In the course of the Operation Lizzard V. outcome the ISAF command revised its strategy and forces structure. Reconstruction teams, undercover operatives, millitary operatives and humanitarian workers were deployed and cooperation with central government, ANA and ANP was established. New contract was awareded by the central government to Black Sword Global private contractor group which built their base in the area of Khas Konar capital. The ISAF itself built total of 3 bases of operaions – the main base Fort Protector, the PRT base Hell 2 and the forward operations base (FOB) Spartan. Taleban insurgent were set to operate mainly from Pakistan where they had their hideout. Local population lived their regulard and joyfull lives, ran their businesses, their missions and attended social events. Tribes intrigued and fought each other.

International forces operation was succesfull, the insurgency got almost none space for their actions and even dreaded use of IEDs by Taleban fighters were not met with much of success. Desipte of that, Taleban rich sponsor, saudi sheikh, left Zabul more or less sattisfied but still aware of the situation.

DSC 0001Beginning of 2016

With the winter ongoing the rebellion musters its positions again. Thanks to the enduring friends from Arabian peninsula and their money the rebellion is able to recruit new fighters in mass. Allies with their forces stretched over the Syria and Iraq campaigns were unable to react at all. In the mountains north of afghanistan borders and close to and around of the Bhakkar village there are huge forces being concentrated. With the first days of Spring 2016 the rebellion rolled over the borders and flooded the entire province. Local population is on the run as well as local armed forces are on the retreat and Zabul´s villages are being occupied by Taleban fighters. It is proved one the leaders of the rebellion, the invincible Imram Zacharijev, is descending frequently into the Zabul to show his presence and to lead and command. Zacharijev fled from Balkan to Pakistan several years ago and the Allies were unable to detain him so far. The Umar offensive is unstoppable and whole province is in chaos and disarray. In reaction with the critical situation the CJTF82 task force is sent to the area. Stationed at the Fort Protector base of operations the task force is immediately engaging rebels in intensive firefights in the very outskirts of the base. For the cost of heavy casualties the soldiers from CJTF82 suceeded in pushing the rebel fighters out into northern areas of the province and to Pakistan. Still the position of Taleban remains very strong in some areas of Zabul.


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