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Zabul province


The province of Zabul

The province of Zabul is situated in southeastern Afghanistan. It neighbours the Kandahar province to the south, the Oruzgan province to the north, the Ghazni province to the west and last to Pakistan to the east and northeast. In „airsoft“ Zabul there are streams, roads, lakes, plains, forests, marshes, „jungles“ but also plateaus in northern hills, valleys and mountains. Game area is very unique – you can find wide range of terrain at the area of 3 x 2,5 km. There are not only regular roads, there are even forest roads and trails connecting all the imporant places and points of interest. Zabul is further diverted into districts – the Shinkay to the south, the Shamulzai to the east and the Atghar to the west. Independent center of administration is the capital Khas Konar situated in Atghar district. When speaking about districts it is also vital to mention our newest game concept addition – the tribes. The strongest one is the Ghilzai tribe controlling the Shamulzai district and the Herat and Sarkani villages. Just a little bit less powerfull is the Noorzaj tribe which controls the Shinkay district and the Asmar and Samoc villages. Least powerfull (but not by power) is the Tokhi tribe whose people live in Al-Seram village in the district of Atghar. Already mentioned capital of Zabul the Khas Konar town is not under control of any tribe particullary altough the Zabul´s governor is of the Ghilzai origin.

The Capital Khas Konar

Let´s stay for a while with Khas Konar, the capital of Zabul. This city is natural social and economic hub of the area. Khas Konar population comprises of members of all tribes and also for this reason the capital is so called free city. There is strong local police station and also the police headquarters is located here too. There also is big public house operated by Khas Konar elder´s wife. Its called Fatima Buffet. When passing through the city you can´t miss the Abdullah Mosque. There are also various public services like central bus station with regular province-wide bus lines, telephone company which connects several important villages and buildings by wire, local daily news Islam Today, Bin Badra´s luxury baths and mysterious Dzihad club run by the Maha family. Central avenue is fringed by various businesses and teahouses. Tobacco pipes and fun games can be also found with no time.

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The villages

You can´t miss villages when browsing the countryside. Sarkani, Samoc, Herat, Asmar and Al-Seram are oasis of comfort and relaxation situated in beautifull Zabul´s landscape with local people running their businesses and providing various services. You can find post office, police station, bus station and elder´s residence in every village. Zabul´s governor resides Sarkani together with his numerous bodyguards. While Herat is well known lair of underworld and crime, Asmar on the other hand is quiet mountainous place close to gold mine. Samoc is known for his playfull and competitive residents, and Al-Seram ? Al-Seram is surrounded by mysteries and its own life. North of Sarkani you can find small garrison of Afghan National Army situated here by the reason of nearby Pakistan border crossing. Border crossing itself is very frequent – just a few meters from the crossing in Pakistan there is Killa Saifullah villlage. There are rumors about powerfull group of Taleban fighters driver there during ISAF´s offensive in June (Operation Lizzard V.).

There are also rumors you can buy or work out brand new AK rifle or explosive in top-condition. That is probably the reason the Afghan-Pakistan borders are frequently visited by NATO Special Forces.

Zabul and its beaties are simply ideal place for hiking and your vacation. Whatever you anticipations are you will be leaving Zabul with experience beyon your imagination. It is very true on the same time that what you expect to get in Zabul it is also expected from you to give.